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In January of 2016, Craig's brother died unexpectedly of a heart attack. Craig himself was significantly overweight and plagued by fitful and insufficient sleep along with low energy and stamina. A diagnosis of heart disease in May 2016 was a wake-up call that led to a remarkable and inspiring journey of newfound and transformed health and fitness.

On September 17th Craig shares his realization that for many of us, incredible health is available and entirely in our own hands. “I’ve come to realize that I've been searching for a final destination so I can say ‘This is it. I've arrived. This is what I need to do to fix the problem.’ and I'm now realizing it is an exciting and tantalizing journey without end.”

Sue had a recurring dream as a child that symbolized her running in fear from her gift. She spent a lot of years trying to numb it out and deny it, which lead to a lot of self destructive behaviour. Until one day she realized what she thought was a curse was actually a beautiful gift for humanity.

On September 17th Sue shares her realization that often what our minds judge as wrong is actually right. This keeps us stuck in non-action and holds us back from sharing our gifts. “We spend so much time in fear of judgment or judging ourselves that most people never express their authentic Self. It is time for everyone to stand UP stand OUT stand STRONG and own our gifts.”

“I Call Bullshit!”

With over 15 years experience in researching and supporting people in the dating industry, Andrea thought she had it all figured out until during an interview someone called bullshit on why she was single. Taking being called to task seriously, she began calling bullshit on herself and in turn discovered what we all desire, love.

On September 17th Andrea share her experience and “That to be successful in our quest for love, it's as simple as getting out of our own way.”

At 16 years of age Christine dropped out of highschool. Living in and out of different hospital programs she felt trapped and by her Epilepsy and Anxiety. Living with Epilepsy she had no hope that her life could be successful and only through almost losing her life did she learn how untrue this was.

On September 17th Christine wants to share her insight: ’Do not be ashamed of your story as it will inspire others!’ That while in her darkest moments she felt isolated and alone, it was only once she started speaking out about her Epilepsy that learned she wasn't alone.

“Husband buys his wife her dream PJs for Christmas and can't wait for her to try them on. Wife knows he bought the wrong size. Equals a hot mess opportunity for Radical Acceptance and fun for the whole family.”

On September 17th Keri-Ann shares a tale woven with love and humor, as she explains that life has a way of offering opportunities to witness and honour our growth and progress, and through our willingness to open up to them we can become a beacon of change, release and expansion for others.

Marylee recently took an intensive course in Teaching English as a Second Language. “Sure, I have a Ph.d., sure I've written books, published articles, told stories in many places - but this was a whole new world!”

Feeling stupid, then uplifted by other students, learning about lives of struggle, sharing food, laughs… in essence a new world, a welcome one!

On September 17th Marylee shares her insight that you can have a whole new world open up if you are open to that - no matter what your age, your interests or your career. “You can learn things you never even knew existed out there, meet people you might never have met, stretched yourself and been stretched in every dimension of your life - mental, physical, spiritual!”