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Storytelling workshop

I attended the "7 Stories" workshop run by Winston Yeung and it was am amazing experience. We were guided through the different types of stories and Winston was a very patient and generous host. In his sharing, I got to see that I label most emotions as fear, rather then seeing them as excitement, opportunity or giddy fear. This got me very present to how and why I have not been sharing my story effectively.

It was a powerful night and I would recommend anyone who is curious to check out the "7 Stories" workshop.

- Robert O’Brien

Story Academy Vancouver

‘7 Story Types’ you should be using to better express yourself!

- Do you feel anxious and unprepared when having an unexpected conversation with new people or potential clients and customers that you want to connect with?

- Are you finding it difficult to express your passion or the “why” behind your business?

- You desire to share your own story but are struggling as to where to begin?

Well you are not alone.

Many find it hard to express themselves and without proper framework, your story or message can become a jumbled mess!

- Are you aware of how you are currently telling your story?

- Are you expressing your message as a tragedy instead of an adventure? Or maybe as a comedy instead of something inspirational or educational?

A great story that is structured poorly and told the wrong way is ruined.

So let me help you!

The ‘7 Story Types’ workshop will help you become aware of your unique stories, then guide you as to how start weaving them together.

Together we will define a specific scenario you would like to resolve, frame it correctly, envision the outcome and put the pieces of the story together for you to use.

Whether you want to use your stories for live or online purposes, be better prepared when an opportunity presents itself.

Learn how to effectively express your purpose and passion to the world!

Walk away with awesome take-aways and ideas to fill your business and be fulfilled. It's going to be empowering, enlightening, and fun.

The registration fee includes the workshop materials and a drink, so don’t wait and register your spot now!

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“Please take a seat…”

Denise's mother started to sink into Alzheimer's. However, she found that during that time they were able to connect in a way she never thought possible: finding solutions to fears, having unexpected laughter and even accomplishing a bucket list item.

On May 21st Denise shares her experience that “When people get Alzheimer's we often fear visiting and being around them. This becomes about us and not about them.” Only when we let go of our fear, and stop trying to battle who they have become and be open-minded, can we learn more than we ever thought possible and learn a new way of showing compassion and understanding.

Coming from a immigrant family from South Africa, Hibby was unknown and fitting in was impossible. She learned that blending in was a way to survive and hide the “I’m not good enough" syndrome. As these painful experiences continued, she was faced with serious depression and what challenged her to grow and accept life on life's terms.

On May 21st Hibby come experience her story, as she shares the insight gained from the experience that life is life, we are all born into certain circumstances and then we navigate the rest of the way on our own. “I suffered until suffering wasn't working anymore. So, I learned the lesson and the suffering stopped, now I wish to share what the lesson was wth you.”

Jacquoline’s father and mother lost their business of 15 years to corruption, causing the million dollar company to become bankrupt. With financial trouble and a disentangled marriage present, Jacquoline learned to thrive for herself in times of hardship.

On May 21st Jacquline shares her experience and the realization that every hardship is truly a blessing in disguise. “If not for the passing of our family business, I would not be as resilient as I am at present."

After running away from facing the anxiety and panic attacks for 15 years, it was one night at martial arts when Lucas had a panic attack in class and ran out the room where he collapsed on the floor. It was in this moment when he realized that he couldn't run anymore and chose to face his fears.

On May 21st Lucas shares his story and his realization that we often try to run away from our issues, but wherever we go, there we are. Trying to run only makes the struggle show up in other areas of life and this continues until it is faced.

Sherri-Lee experienced a devastating end to an abusive marriage, but instead of giving into her fears and becoming stuck, she chose to overcome them in order to create a life of abundance and opportunity for herself and her kids.

On May 21st come experience her story as she shares with us her journey of coming from “Broken to Badass”. “Don't let anyone else define you! Always put yourself first, listen to your gut and go it alone before selling your soul, as one can always find inspiration in destruction.”

When Sita was recruited for tedxstanleypark, one of the coaches said "You are living as an authentic person with epilepsy!”

The 'authentic' part hit her hard in the gut, as that comment moved her “to be my authentic self” and in her case, to identify as queer.

On May 21st come experience her story as Sita shares how it takes strength to be who you really are, but with support and vulnerability you can live the life you were meant to live.

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