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Storytelling workshop

Do you feel anxious and unprepared when having an unexpected conversation with new people or potential clients and customers that you want to connect with?

- Are you finding it difficult to express your passion or the “why” behind your business?

- You desire to share your own story but are struggling as to where to begin?

Well you are not alone.

Many find it hard to express themselves and without proper framework, your story or message can become a jumbled mess!

- Are you aware of how you are currently telling your story?

- Are you expressing your message as a tragedy instead of an adventure? Or maybe as a comedy instead of something inspirational or educational?

A great story that is structured poorly and told the wrong way is ruined.

So let me help you!

Entrepreneurs are constantly told to identify, define and intimately know your “Why”, however, very few know what to do with it in order to connect to their target client.

Not being able to express your Why is detrimental, as a great story that is poorly structured and spoken without consideration of flow is both ineffective and confusing to a potential client.

I will help you become aware of your unique stories, guide you to frame them correctly, envision the outcome and then start crafting the pieces that will be woven together to create the story for you to use.

Walk away with awesome take-aways and ideas to fill your business and be fulfilled. It's going to be empowering, enlightening, and fun.

The registration fee includes the workshop materials and a drink, so don’t wait and register your spot now!

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