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Storytelling workshop

I attended the "7 Stories" workshop run by Winston Yeung and it was am amazing experience. We were guided through the different types of stories and Winston was a very patient and generous host. In his sharing, I got to see that I label most emotions as fear, rather then seeing them as excitement, opportunity or giddy fear. This got me very present to how and why I have not been sharing my story effectively.

It was a powerful night and I would recommend anyone who is curious to check out the "7 Stories" workshop.

- Robert O’Brien

Story Academy Vancouver

‘7 Story Types’ you should be using to better express yourself!

- Do you feel anxious and unprepared when having an unexpected conversation with new people or potential clients and customers that you want to connect with?

- Are you finding it difficult to express your passion or the “why” behind your business?

- You desire to share your own story but are struggling as to where to begin?

Well you are not alone.

Many find it hard to express themselves and without proper framework, your story or message can become a jumbled mess!

- Are you aware of how you are currently telling your story?

- Are you expressing your message as a tragedy instead of an adventure? Or maybe as a comedy instead of something inspirational or educational?

A great story that is structured poorly and told the wrong way is ruined.

So let me help you!

The ‘7 Story Types’ workshop will help you become aware of your unique stories, then guide you as to how start weaving them together.

Together we will define a specific scenario you would like to resolve, frame it correctly, envision the outcome and put the pieces of the story together for you to use.

Whether you want to use your stories for live or online purposes, be better prepared when an opportunity presents itself.

Learn how to effectively express your purpose and passion to the world!

Walk away with awesome take-aways and ideas to fill your business and be fulfilled. It's going to be empowering, enlightening, and fun.

The registration fee includes the workshop materials and a drink, so don’t wait and register your spot now!

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Vancouver became home to Anita in 1993 and she was looking forward to creating a secure, fulfilling future with her family. Instead, she rapidly hit rock bottom! And so she decided that rock bottom would be the solid foundation that she would build her future on. This is her journey from pain to purpose, scarcity to abundance, despair to wholeheartedness.

On June 18th come experience her journey, as Anita shares her insight that being vulnerable, speaking our truth, and asking for what we need may be hard and uncomfortable, but not nearly as hard and uncomfortable as living with self-betrayal and self-loathing. Daring to live brave in our life arenas is the courageous choice we are called upon to make every single day, if we are going to live authentically, with love, compassion and connection.

“One day, Chris met Jill for breakfast…”

Have you ever wanted to be able to ask your partner questions about what they were thinking at the beginning of your relationship and have them answer honestly? Well you are about to witness this experiment of vulnerable communication LIVE! Strap in people, this is going to get good!

On June 18th come experience a first on the My Story Mondays stage, as Chris and Jill share in a live Q&A session to show that when you live without holding back and understand the power of vulnerable and open dialogue in a relationship, anything is possible!

Christine's brother, Winston, has never parented a child. Raising his puppy, Kismet, is the closest experience he has. Recently, Kismet started to behave in ways that has frustrated and angered Winston. While venting his frustration, Christine realized how similar these events are to what her parents faced when Winston was young. She reminded him to "train with love, not fear”.

On June 18th Christine shares her insight that positive reinforcement will always accomplish more than punishment. Although this seems obvious, this concept is often forgotten, as it applies to all aspects of life. “Poor behaviours stand out, while good behaviours often go unseen. Acknowledging the good is just as important as addressing the ‘not so good’. Praise over punishment. Love over fear.”

What if having a child was your dream?

Two people fall in love, get to know each other and share the same dream of bringing a child into this world together. The start could not be any more perfect, so in Paris, France we decided we were going to make it happen. However, what happens next in the story would have sent even Napoleon back wishing he was with his mommy.

On June 18th Mat shares his journey with us and explains that making babies isn't necessarily as easy as the birds & bees make it out to be. Frequency and matching parts is not always the answer, as sometimes it takes science and a ship load of perseverance! This will test ones fortitude, desire, communication and relationships with self, your partner, friends, family and the universe. Are you up for the test?

“My Entertaining day at the US Border…”

Tien was pulled aside and charged with a criminal offence for carrying his testosterone hormones across the border, without a prescription. Dealing with the sheriff, being charged and read his rights, managing the really serious guards, authorities and security, being a clear space for magick, bringing light, nothing wrong here, power, love, tons of laughter and leaving everyone touched by magick!

On June 18th come experience some magick, as Tien shares his insight that we should approach everything with curiousity, to be present and not project our fears and pasts. To honour all and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. To have a high level of integrity, that all is well. To choose light and joy over anything else, and accept that everything that happens is part of our whacky entertaining life!

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