February 19, 2018

Growing up Beth learned it wasn’t ok to be herself – “fit in”, “set an example”, “be quiet”, “don’t rock the boat”, these were the voices in her head. She learned to fit in so well she faded into the background and over time became invisible. Being the person everyone wanted her to be was the driver behind her every move.

On February 19th she shares her story of how in early 2014 after the death of her son, a long time job loss and her youngest child graduating she realized it was time to shut up the voices, the “should do’s”, the “should be’s”, it was time to “”Shut up & Dance!”

Bob Mueller was 12 years old when a film inspired an artistic obsession making him an artistic prodigy. At age 16, he quit his passions and left home. Another 19 more years passed as he wandered through careers, finally settling down as a martial artist who built many Karate dojos.

On February 19th Bob shares his journey and how at age 47 he had an epiphany, a perfect moment. 35 years dissolved in that moment and he was like a teenager again, throwing himself into forgotten passions. The result? He was an artist again, met heroes and won an EMMY AWARD!

“50 Shades of Wrong”

While growing up Lise lived through constant sexual, physical and emotional abuse. She developed issues with self-worth and self-esteem as a result. All her life she experienced a deep need to be loved and looked for love and acceptance in all the wrong places.

On February 19th, get ready because Lise holds nothing back in her jaw dropping story. She shares the most intimate details of her private life and tells us how far she went to have the love she desperately craved. From falling in love to the dark side of sex, Lise then rose up from the pit and transformed her life. She is now a certified life coach, author and teaches women around the world to value and love themselves.

On February 9th, 2010, Paul Henczel was crushed alive by 12,000lbs of wood. He miraculously survived certain death and sustained multiple physical and emotional injuries. Now he wants to share with others the strategies he gained from fighting through the challenges of his situation, and reaching for better outcomes than expected.

On February 19th Paul will share his experience about how facing adversity and difficulties are an opportunity for us to get stronger, to develop character, and to gain new confidence. “We can come out bitter or we can come out better.”

Shenan moved with his family to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 11. 

Facing a culture shock and other unseen challenges in this new country, Shenan found himself reacting to his environment with aggression and made poor choices early in life. Before he could fully grasp the results of these choices, he found himself in a destructive lifestyle. 

After continuously misunderstanding life and choosing everything but himself, he finally chose himself. And that’s when life started to completely shift for him. 

On February 19th come experience his story, as he shares his journey in finding the insight that when you choose yourself, you enhance yours and everyone else’s life around you.

“My past does not define me. I create my life through my thoughts, feelings, and actions.”

Wendy’s journey in life has had many challenges. She has dealt with abuse, abandonment, trauma, divorce, and several attempts at ending her own life. After she hit rock bottom (for the third time) she dove into a painful, yet compassionate and deep inquiry of herself and the irrational thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that made up the “story” of her life.

On February 19th she shares with us how she has chosen a new story to live into and empower others to do the same.