March 19, 2018

For Jamie with physical challenges, living an independent life and tasks as simple as walking seemed impossible. He was constantly told “Don’t get your hopes up”, but he believed he could be anything he wanted to be, and just had to find a way to do it. And so he did!

On March 19th come experience his journey as Jamie shares his realization that anything is possible, as there are opportunities beyond the challenges in life. “You just need a big dream, a positive attitude and do whatever it takes.”

In 2012, Jill’s life was about to come apart at the seams. A perfect storm was brewing. After ignoring all the signs that making an about-face was absolutely necessary, she was on the brink of having her ass handed back to her on a platter, leaving no other option than to take action which would change her life forever.

On March 19th Jill shares her experience with us, that we are constantly being guided to live our true purpose. What she has discovered through her own life, and through being a guide for others, is that choosing to ignore this guidance will eventually bring you to your knees, forcing you to decide if you will live the life you are meant to or to live one in suffering.

One day Karen woke partially paralyzed on one side of her body, lost the best job she ever had and thought her life was over at the age of 35. 

18 years later, she is a published author with a new career as a speaker and a debt reduction coach.

On March 19th Karen shares her journey and how she came to realize, that there is always another path when the one we are focused on is taken away.

When Sita was recruited for tedxstanleypark, one of the coaches said “You are living as an authentic person with epilepsy!”

The ‘authentic’ part hit her hard in the gut, as that comment moved her “to be my authentic self” and in her case, to identify as queer.

On March 19th come experience her story as Sita shares how it takes strength to be who you really are, but with support and vulnerability you can live the life you were meant to live.

Teri watched her Dad work a job he hated for 30 years, always waiting for “one day, someday” to come along so he could do what he loved. She swore “that would never be me” until one day, she found herself feeling stuck in a job she hated and walked out only to find that her problems followed her.

On March 19th Teri shares her insight that our life is happening NOW and not “one day, someday.” So take the risk, start that business and live your life like it’s your job!

Trevor’s father abused him on a frequent basis sexually, physically, mentally, and emotionally and then hid this abuse from his mother and sister.

“I was ordered not to tell anyone or he would kill me.”

The things Trevor experienced as a little boy was horrifying, yet the universe nudged him to forgive his father when he died.

On March 19th Trevor shares with us his experience, as he didn’t understand why the universe was nudging him to forgive his father, especially when he didn’t ask for his forgiveness. But feeling extremely compelled, he forgave his father before he died. Only later did he realize it was his fathers prayer for Trevor to forgive him and have peace before he died. The universe granted that prayer.