Craig grew up on a rich environment that let creativity and exploration thrive. Then, in his early teens, the reality and pain of being bullied entered the scene. Music and art stepped in as Craig’s salvation and passion at this critical time. Today, Craig provides the healing and nurturing power of music to people in some truly unique ways.

On July 16th come experience his story as Craig shares his insight that the difficult and most undesired times and experiences in our life, could actually be the fundamental sources of our gifts and contributions.

For Trevor, the fear of coming out was so daunting for him. In order to come out without the influence of being shamed by his church, family, and friends, he moved from the Bible Belt to Calgary to begin his journey of coming out. This challenged him in every aspect including his spirituality. Going through this journey opened his eyes.

On July 16th Trevor shares his journey and how he learned that God/Universe loves you for who you are. “I learned that I was gay but am also much more, as being gay is just a small fraction of who I am.”

Being on a path not truly his own caused Mark to live in sadness and denial. Turning to drugs and partying, his journey allowed him to experience, discover and explore the things that defined the person who would one day prevail. Yet never enough, even among all the success, the birth of his son would eventually unveil the missing piece.

On July 16th Mark shares his journey and how at every step, stage or change in life; there were clear messages, obvious signs and direct instructions from the universe as to what he should be doing. He is a believer that “You already know what to do! But focusing on the external is a distraction and it is only when we look inward are we able to remember.”

For Robyn, growing up was a series of traumas. She had been receiving messages for about 6 months that life would change in a big way, then at age 44 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This became the catalyst to reflect on the many traumas in her life, connect to Spirit and change her trajectory to a life of healing and service

On July 16th come experience her story, as Robyn shares her insight that we do not have to wait for a major event in our lives to connect to spirit and learn to live a spirit driven life. We can heal and move forward to a life of choice and freedom, when we learn to love ourselves and embrace our unique selves.

On July 16th Carol shares her journey of life from a little girl to today, taking trauma, crisis, and tragedy and turning it into a life beyond exceptional.

Come join us and experience her story where hope is eternal, courage ignites passion and self acceptance ignites self love.

Luckie was at his lowest point with no money, no connections and nothing going for him. New in Vancouver all he had was a desire to makes things happen in the best capacity that he could. He wanted to build his empire here and it’s been a journey of ups and downs that he can’t wait to share.

On July 16th come experience Luckie’s story that everything is possible if you believe. That hard work will bring you where you want to be, and you need to be patient and take it one step at a time even if some steps take longer then others.