Story Academy Vancouver

If you would like more help with your stories, you can join our online Story Academy program.

In today’s digital world, it is important to develop online and offline presences. Participants will gain the skills to present themselves in both realms. For some, this will be a journey of exploration and healing. For others, it will become their most powerful tool for spreading their message as a business or movement.

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Story Academy is an engaging online course that’s all about today’s top storytelling strategies, and includes speaking, writing, video, and live stage work for all ages.

In Story Academy, you will develop 12 stories. We will show you how to pull your best stories out of your life experience and share them in a way that changes lives. You are going to be able to confidently Inspire, Entertain, and Educate others through your own stories. Make more impact and change lives by sharing your story with more people.

In Story Academy, you will finally be able to trust your most powerful way to communicate and motivate: Telling your story!


• Learn how to write and tell 12 key stories to express your message most effectively.
• Each of the 12 stories has a Professional Development Workbook
• Access to the Story Academy Program for 12 Months!
• Membership and storyteller listing.
• Story Academy Accelerator Workshops.
• BONUS: Book Bootcamp – A Blueprint for Writing and Publishing Your Signature Book

At the end your 12 stories can be put together and used for a signature talk.

Click here to join Story Academy Vancouver!

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